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» What our guests think

We’re sure there’ll be only positive remarks about this beautiful house with such welcoming hosts. Thank you for the nice time in Veliko Tarnovo. Good luck for Hikers Hostel!
Lotta and Eva, Allemagne, Germany

You guys have a great location and the start of an awesome hostel. I will recommend you to people I meet on the way.
Olga, USA

I had a fantastic time here. Thanks so much for your hospitality. A beautiful hostel in a beautiful town. I will recommend to all my friends. Take care.
Kate Cowie, Australia

Well, well, well..
This has been an unexpected little gem of a place. Not only are you guys very friendly and welcoming, you seem to like your piss as well. There’s nothing better in a backpacker’s life than to meet great people. A huge thanks and cheers.
Andrew, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

This place has been the best for many, many things. It’s something you have to experience yourself. The staff is great and the land is beautiful.
Thank you for everything – we had a wonderful time!
Nathaniel and Katy, USA

We just liked to stay only one or two nights before we came to Veliko Tarnovo and this hostel. But after one day we decided to stay much longer because the atmosphere in the hostel and the very beautiful town let us stay longer. Everything here is very cool and nice.
Diana and Carsten, Germany

Thanks for everything!
Mike Donovan, USA

Hey all. I’m really enjoying my time here. The people are cool, the beer is good…!! Wish I could stay here longer. Good luck with the future.
Richard, Australia

I really like it here…….
(Translation: I’m going to stay forever).
No, really, these guys are soooo cool.
Sean Mussett, Newcastle, Australia

It’s important to note that even though these guys got me ripped out of my skull last night, they didn’t force me to write favourable comments about their hostel. I did this of my own accord and although I can barely stand, I stand by my assertions that these guys are really cool and the hostel is among the best I have stayed in.
Sean Mussett, Newcastle, Australia

Thank you!
We love it here, we do
We think that you will too
In the hostel with a view.
It doesn’t have a stinky loo
And nobody ever has the blues.
We’d love to stay for a week or two
But sadly we have to shoot through.
Nat and Dame, Australia

I’m not one for superlatives or ratings but this place is the “bee’s knees” of hostels. Call me selfish but sometimes when you come across something so good, you really just want to keep it to yourself.
Bless it!
Shane, New Zealand

Here I am again for visit number 2. Why is it so hard to leave and so easy to return? This hostel feels like home. I think it must be the warm, beautiful and friendly people. No doubt I’ll be here for visit number 3 very, very soon.
Nat, Newcastle, Australia

I know how it feels when someone leaves and must say good bye. To watch them ride away. One moment they are in your presence then snatched away. I also know the feeling of having to leave people which I care for and care for me. It pains me to leave as it pains you. You must know and believe that when I and others leave, we also miss you. We are not just drifters. I believe we have seen beauty in one another and know with more time and different circumstances we can pass life and time well together. That together there is joy. That may be the hardest part of separation, that we were unable to have more time a life time of experiences together. But I believe knowing that we exist, that there are people out there with love and goodness, can hold me and us. It doesn't matter the distance or km that separate people, the awareness and knowledge of each other is strong.
Armen, LA, USA

Thank you everyone for such an amazing time. I have really enjoyed meeting you all. Please stay in touch. And any time, you have a home in Brisbane, Aussie.
Tania, Australia

Hey guys,
Thanks so much for having me to stay. Had a great time and really enjoyed your company. Best of luck for the summer... Keep me updated on your adventures and I hope we can meet again.
Take care.
Christopher, Australia

I'm not as poetic as Armen, but this place has been fantastic. Unfortunately only 1 night but just feels like being at home - very chilled out. A beer on the terrace is a great way to spend an afternoon in the sun!! I think Stu wanted to stay longer with the dog!! Cheers!!
Mel and Stu, Tas, Australia

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